Give Up jobs, move to what works.

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Give Up jobs, move to what works.
Get "Time" To Generate Income For You, Not You Working For Time.

There is nothing for you to buy here.

Our goal is simply to help you realize that you can unhook, and free yourself from the self imposed income chains, to the capitalist society (swapping hours for cash) that you still believe (a job) is the only one that exists.

That the current income (or lack of) situation you find yourself in, (finding someone to swap your hours for cash,) (traditional involuntary servitude) has been working even less well for you recently and the "unexpected" recent change may now motivate you to consider and actually come to realize that you are NOT and have never been really confined or locked to the only income source option you have ‘til now, ever considered.

That many others have for centuries not "had a job" and were never all tied to this idea of having been like you, schooling and training a lifetime to obtain a "good job" as the recently evolved ideal method of developing and sustaining an inflowing income that met (or came close) to filling your needs. People are now finally realizing this was all based on a "myth" they have been sold on.

That there is in fact, nor never was such a thing as "job" security.
It was and likely will be again and again more frequently ended by "other people, with just two words, "you're FIRED" or the more refined "laid off", or "been Downsized".

This may now be the very motivation you needed to stop and laarn how to accept a new approach to the idea of making a living, that this life changing change over may never had happened to you, if indeed every thing had gone on as it had for years.

Others operating with this option that we bring up, that you have not even thought about, or consciously aware of, nor not trained for or even aware of or considered, have done far better for those on to using it, giving them and enjoyed freedom, that job slaves have only dreamed about.

After perfecting getting "Time" working for them, to more then cover their needs,, and getting it working automatically, they have what you consider the freedoms of a millionaire, without the million dollars not even being necessary, or even a consideration.

Freedoms Soon Gainable From You Perfecting the Change
  • Work when they want to, and/or if they want to.
  • Do No work they do not want to.
  • Work where they want
  • Work only with whom they want
  • Work only when they want
  • Income continues to increase over time automatically..

More on developing "Time" working for you to be replacing your former system, "you" working for "time"

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