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Your life is made up of time and it is fitting away.
Unhook Renting Your Personal Time From Your Income.
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<<  Author Left, Now 80, has been Hiring Himself since 17, Starting More than 50 Do It Yourself Different Businesses.

Get Time Passing Working For You, Passively Generating Income For You.

Your Value, No Longer Tied To Your Personal Time. (Job)

We are throwing out to you as rapidly as we can, mostly no investment (none or under $100 money required) business start up formats that can get you earning income quickly. 

The time *(any delay in getting up to speed)(established) for your new business is involved  in: 

A. Developing repeat customers 

B. Word of mouth, to have an effect. 

Other than that, nearly all can start off running.  Outside of these two factors all can be  geared up to reach the level shortly that they will be at a year from now, other than fine tuning, perfecting promotions etc.  

Many of these businesses will each generate almost the same number of inquiries (# conversions to sales if good now) that they will generate two years from now excluding these:

Repeat and steady customers and word of mouth customers.  Some businesses such as Tourist guide will have almost none in that category.) Repeat or referral.

Therefore, what you do the first month will be the same as two years from now except from you perfecting or fine tuning promotional efforts etc. in the two years which may  be small or nonexistent. 

Your only delay in building business will be delay in search engines etc referring business to your site will improve over time and cannot be expected to really get to speed for six months.  

Therefore if you plan for business without that, just realize this is where the long term increase in your business will most likely come from even if your business is not directly connected to the internet, it is let’s say cataloged or pamphlet tied to the net as your printing and mail order catalog delivery system.

You can also develop a mailing list accumulated over the net and your success or increase in business will often come from that taking time to build up.

Most of the businesses that will generate income for you quickly are businesses that you advertise on craigslist or other free sites and generate business within hours. 

You get business two ways from Craig’s, one, people advertising on Craig’s needing help doing something such as need something moved, removed etc.  If you are in the tree removal business, and you see someone advertising on Craig’s for someone to remove a tree, you respond.

Or you run an ad offering your services in tree removal, the second way to obtain business from Free lists like Craig’s.

We use it in several different businesses and we have almost quit paid ads. 

Example had a convertible in my garage for years decided to sell it. $125 ad in classified in local paper and not sure if it would sell it or not, no guarantee.
3 days, it comes out on third day after calling it in. 

Craigslist, faster to put up then to put classified in paper, put it up at 6pm today,  free of charge and sold the car full price by 10 pm same day with several inquiries.

The idea in the past was to raise a lot of money, buy some expertise like a franchise where they tell you what to do, where to buy your supplies, control you, maybe $300 thousand to start a yogurt franchise store.

If the shopping area declines what maybe started as a fairly good business declines, and tied in to a long term lease you lose your income source and not only that all the money you raised to start it.  

That risk and model is obsolete.  Now you can start and do big business with little or no money because of these two changes.

The internet revolutionized and obsoletes the warehouse and brick and mortar store and office.  

To go into business today you need a cell phone and a computer.  The computer may sound complicated to some but it is not, it is your printing press, your catalog, and your order taker salesman that works when you’re taking the day off.

The traditional store, like a hungry animal will eat you alive if you do not tend it.  

The new model works for you almost as well the days you take off as the days you work and the overhead is so low instead of having one store you can have a hundred.

You can undersell and outperform the biggest brick and mortar concern with faster surface, tailor made to the client.  

You can develop a relationship with the clients that go far beyond traditional. 

If something works you can scale it up 100 times the volume in a month and you can farm out your surplus business and handle almost any explosive level.  

The biggest mind set change is the model you were educated for was to trade your time, involuntary servitude, called a job for money.   This could be ended at any time with no reason.

Now your mind set is to get things automated, (for example a book earning money from sales, time working for you) where the passage of time earns you money without you having to participate directly moment to moment.  

Or an almost automated web site (instead of paying a secretarial person to sit in an expensive office taking orders, this works for almost no cost, so you can do dozens of businesses taking orders for services etc.

You can opt to have a crew do the work, deliver etc or better yet farm it out to others who do not know how to generate customers and who prefer to concentrate on doing the work and are delighted to pay you a percentage to generate work for them.

You can test business ideas for almost no money.  If you discover one very successful you can over night expand it nationally or worldwide.   

The traditional big investment tied you to one block in one town and if business in that area dropped off no amount of effort or ingenious operation was going to save you.  If business went great you made a living it never had the ability to where it could never make it to where you really made big money.

This method anything that does not work, no problem, nothing lost, if it does work you can expand it over a wide area in a short time for little or no money.



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