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What do I do now? Who Moved My Cheese?

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A Small Parable: Truth Clarified, About Change


Dealing With Change, An Outlook That Will Change Your Life

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How To Recognize, Deal With Change and Get On With Life

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What Happened To Your Cheese?

1 Hour Reading To Straighten Out Your Thinking About Traumatic Change

Hired My Self

Life Does Not Always Go As Planned,........
.......... there are rainy days in every life and there are often totally unexpected traumatic changes.

Yes, these traumatic, often unexpected life changes can let all the air out of your balloon so to speak, and for many, it is a long time getting your life back to "what it was". You get "hung up" sometimes.

Personally been through most of the big ones and have spent years studying how some people recover in a short time and why others never really ever do and are never the same again.

Since, unlike animals that each generation have to learn from scratch, man is able to pass down and learn what worked best for people who have gone through these things before.

You can learn "what worked" for others in recovering from life's traumatic happenings and not "waste" part of your life in the doldrums, hiding out licking your wounds.

Yes, I have written hundreds of pages on the subject, but today I want to refer you to a less then one hour read that will change things for you in getting back on the path of a new and better life, faster then anything I ever wrote.

It is a little book, a parable, Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson, M.D.

Pick up a Copy from a friend, a library, used book store, new book store, just get one.

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