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Best Start Up Ever
One Person, No Money, Immediate Income, No Risk, Grows by Itself.

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Harlan Jacobsen

Ran into this business in Minnesota a few years after I had started my dance business see my dance article and I thought my plan, operation and method was pretty dam good.

Then I ran into this and it was even better. Remember, my start up was dependant on my selling some resorts and hotels on accepting my offer, (which was designed so most did not refuse it). This required no one to really be sold on anything, what I mean there was no crucial sales point here that could have failed, (except renting someones house for the first one) but if you had a single friend....easy.

Actually, I ran into this about 25 to 30 years ago, lost track of years, and I suppose I could check and see if she is still in business, but likely not and by now likely retired and does not give a rip if I disclose her method or plan of operation.

You see I promised not to disclose this to anyone when she explained all the inside details to me about 25 or more years ago.

Now I never used this because it was pretty much what I was doing with my dances for 15 years.

Here is basically what she did..... She had a talent for remembering names and faces and had a very good judgment of who was an attractive highly desirable catch of both sexes.

Flattering myself, I like to remember, I met her because I made her tentative selection list.

We will call her Mildred, for now... She required the following to start her business and all she ever used or consumed in overhead, in her estimated 20 year business life.

A notepad, a stack of index cards and party invitations and envelopes. Keep in mind she was a full time highly paid government employee and I forgot exactly what she did but I suppose she just may have taken her notebook and cards to work some days for when the government activity was slow.

Here is what she did.....initially to get it going, She went to any event with single people in attendance that were above ordinary, or at least some people likely in that category.

Anyone that she observed at an event for a while and she had decided was attractive (either sex,) she then approached and talked to, in person, to verify her early rating and check out something about them. That's how I met her.

If she decided you were up to her standards as a highly desirable catch, so to speak, (I got off the list because I was from out of state).

Now if you were attending and you were with someone else, a buddy, she handled it by asking for both your names and phone numbers after she explained her "parties".

She said she conducted house parties every Saturday night in the better homes, more exclusive areas of town and it was by special invitation only.

That she wanted to send you an invitation to one, that there were a really great collection of very desirable upper income opposite sex people attending, which she could vouch for since she hand selected them.

That admission was $10.00 plus bring a plate of hors d'oeuvres for the women and a bottle of good liquor for the men.

If you were interested, she would vouch for you and see that you got an invitation, that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet a whole large number of very desirable eligible singles this Saturday night.

If interested, she took both your names and addresses, numbers, etc. and if did not think your partner met her standards, would throw that name away and they would never get an invitation.

This recruiting was the lifeblood of her business start up because the repeats that come would not think of missing this weeks and take a chance on missing the new people she would have invited this week.

However, they were constantly pairing up and not coming back so she had for some time to recruit new people.

Evenutally, the reputation of meeting people at these parties became so good that people contacted her constantly to get on the invite list.

If she was not continually sold on your desirability or you got drunk or acted out of the desirable range at one of her parties, you never got another invite.

Some people were crushed they were off her list. She ruled it with an iron hand and maintained it with an iron hand. One slip up and you were out.

Not sure how many people she wanted in attendance but she soon had figured out if you sent out 100 invites you knew almost exactly from experience how many showed up so if she had a smaller or larger house, etc. she adjusted her invites sent out to fit.

Keep in mind her second biggest over head was the postage on the invites. She could afford 100 invites and postage because if 60 showed up she had $600.00 income.

Her biggest overhead was she, each week, paid some woman (or rich bachelor) who had a nice home he wanted to show off, $100 to help with clean up when they let her use their home. Single people of both sexes clamored to have her use their home.

Keep in mind, these were very well behaved party goers, because if any ever were not, they knew they never got invited to another.

The last time I talked to her she had upgraded and was now charging more and getting an even higher class clientel and the week I last talked to her the party was on someone's resort.

Getting on her party list had become so desirable way to meet really high class people in a very controlled party setting, was so great they were coming to her and she was merely screening those seeking to get on the invite list, not going out looking for new.

Do not remember what her last admission price was but I think it had gotten to where in the financial class that if you had to ask how much it was, you were not financially qualified to attend.

Almost immediately right after starting it, she said she was making more on her Saturday night party then she was making on her government job.

She was sharp as a tack and nobody pressured her into anything and got away with it. If she approved you and you made the list you were a okay.... a real reference just being qualified to attend one of her parties was a real crucial part of your reputation as a desirable single person.

She was absolutely crucial to many people having an opportunity to meet their kind of people, pre sorted. They gladly paid anything she asked to attend one of her parties.

I like to think I made the list, which was how I met her, but I was from a different state, so I never attended one of her Minnesota parties.

Rather regret I never made the trip to do so.......but then I never did get an invite, which I like to think was for the same reason.

I did keep track of her for years via phone and we compared notes and ideas.

Now, if you use your head for something as innovative, keep in mind, no money... $150 at risk for the first party tops, and that was about as close to no risk as you can get.

Went on for years and may still be going....not sure.

My guess is she was on my last check in, taking in $2,000 every Saturday night with almost no overhead.

Top that.

The trick here is to use this innovative thinking for something else, no one else has thought of or if have, likely not in your area.

Course this would probably work as a carbon copy, still work anywhere. Would be a little tough to do if you were married...but...then you adopt the formula to something that?

Send me $100 for sharing the tip on your first anniversery of your start up.

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