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You See This Little Mom and Pop Restaurant Along The Road, ............

In the middle of nowhere half way between tourist town and a famous national park.

They could stop here for breakfast on way to the National park, but they don't know there is a restaurant on the way so they eat in town and only a handful stop now, thousands of cars go by everyday.

Restaurant "For sale". You can buy it for just the amount you have in your savings. Not doing much business but maybe you can turn it around.

You buy it, barely pay the rent, you have an opportunity come up you cant take because you have to stay and try and "Save" your investment in the restaurant.

You have to be there. or its gone. The cook doesn't show sometimes he is often on a drunk. The cashier is tapping the till, The refrigerator quits and everything spoils on the day closed. The little road leading from the main road gets torn up for rebuild for three months and you get no traffic, this thing OWNS you.

You are tied up, a frozen career, trying to save your life savings in the restaurant.

Steps to take instead,

Make $100 a day possable, know tomorrow if works or not, $35 Maximum to loose investment. Work Only one 8 hours.

Same restaurant, guy desperate for business to save his restaurant.. wants out.

Offer to bring him hundreds extra a day NEW Breakfast business, Plug get like hundreds a day or more repeat lunch or dinner, breakfast customers stopping back on way back to town, a bonus for free.

This all starts tomorrow, everything starting tomorrow and agreed on going for two years, if it works. Renewable for two more if exceeds $500 a day. This is all just concept write your own deal.

Write down what owner $ restaurant has been doing average breakfast trade $ been doing this week, pay me 30% of the above that business you do starting tomorrow on.

Repeat business coming back from the national park that stops again on way back...for lunch or dinner is free.

Example $100 breakfast trade av now, tomorrow on $600. 30% of $500 increase is $150. you owe me. Lunch, dinner, any other time repeat business on way back is 100% Restaurant owners. I get nothing.

Thats the sales job, you work up an attractive "real deal" sensational (this is what it says_)Big breakfast for $5.00 area 3 choices, on a "Country Breakfast Flyer" 15 Miles Out Mom and Pops, Restaurant half way to the National Park. Open 6am.

Thats it......$35.00 Prints up 2500 (5,000 half size) (cut 8 1/2 x14 ) in two.

The test tonight 8 hours.

There are 50 motels and hotels in town. 100 cars each when full. You stay up all night, starting at 10pm. Visiting every motel and hotels parking lot,

Put one flyer under every cars windshield wiper, high season, all motels, full nights 5000 cars, height of tourist season.

Best Guess, half of those 5,000 cars =2500 are sometimes tomorrow or soon going to the National park. They know NOTHING about any other restaurant, they see on little map this is about half way to the park, sounds like a great breakfast, lets stop here for a "Country Breakfast".........
You only need 100 people....show up...at $5. there will be 3 people per car average so you only need 35 cars out of the 5000 show up.
Actually in high season they could only flyer a few of the more expensive hotels because they overwhelmed the restaurant.

So you find out how many you can put out to not overwhelmed the restaurant, but the point is even in the off season if there are only 800 cars in the lots, you can still deliver 35 cars for breakfast 7 days a week.

You did the test night. Get your College student son for the flyer distribution job, you only did the first night. Remember, he gets 50.00 for only enough cars done to deliver max capacity of the restaurant. He never does the whole 5,000.

Your whole involvement here on is cashing the check from the restaurant owner and writing the check for the flyer distribution.

You should be clearing $100. a day.

Remember, you have likely saved the restaurant owner from going bust.

If he sells out now, the business is likely worth many times what it was worth before you started bringing him customers.

This could be any type of business that needed customers and you are not afraid of figuring out an ingenious simple way of getting them there.

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