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You can stir up business in person, on the phone, by mail, e-mail, internet, Craigs list, put a magnetic sign on your car, etc.

Plan A

Some entrepeneuers have figured out people that produce something locally and have ends of runs of something and have a bunch of something they no longer make or use in their business and they just want it out of there... to make room for something new they are doing.

Or they have some manufacturing equipment, etc. because they have stopped making something and are on to something else. They want the old out of there.

Plastic manufacturing place in area locally I ran into for example...

They made the multiple day weekly pill boxes people put Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday pills, etc. in, my wife does if for her for her mother...

Sell these things in Walgreens for eight bucks...

For whatever reason they quit making some model and gave about five thousand of old ones to the local Salvation Army....

I bought those remaining there for 25 cents....each.

I use them as a premium (viewed as worth $7 plus bucks) when someone subscribes to my diabetes newspaper...

Now if you had known that, they had these surplus and they knew you disposed of stuff for bucks, you could have said to them 'I will sell them for you and guarantee you 50 cents each....give me 1 week.'

Then you figured out prospects all over the country on net and phone people like me, that could use a big quantity and say to prospects like me, "I have five thousancd of these and if you take them all, can let you have them for a premium give away to your customers for $1 each."

I say that because I would have paid $1 each and would love to buy some more even at $1 each.

That prospects does buy them from you.... you then give the factory you dealt with $2,500 they never had before and you make $2,500 and you could likely have done it in two days. Not bad....

Your risk, zero...Your expense zero. The company ships them. You do nothing. Collect and give them a check.

Get a hold of everyone that makes or sells something in your area (or anywhere) and we will tell you how to do this "dispose of surplus stuff" for them with no money.

We also use eBay, for some of this sort of thing and you have to know how to do that right. We have one employee that does nothing else.

This is sort of a thing very like my hotel thing (read that article) did it for 15 years. I took their ballroom throw away time (nights unbooked) for them and turned it into money... they could not turn it down.

All companies have at some point some stuff surplus, (unsold, time, etc. soon gone, etc.) that they replace their computers with new models etc., furniture, equipment, etc. and often give it away cause they are not on to or have time to stop everything and shift gears to disposing of it... or have anyone they can have stop what they are doing and do that.

They have something they just need it out of there, often right away. You can usually find an outlet in 3 days.

Will do some more articles with formulas for you to do this.

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