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All you have to do is be presentable, learn the product and know how to sell.  (or learn) 
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Sale = Big Pay for Manufacturers rep

No Sale No Money, Pay Per Hour Outanding

Companies from all over the world  need someone to follow up on their leads locally without spending huge sums sending a factory person cross country.  If you are  a pro you can act as their local rep and  close the sale and make a month’s wages in one call often.

There are all sorts of angles to starting a manufacturers rep program, but the tighter things get the more the manufacturers prefer to work with a manufacturers rep. 

Suggest you look up working as a manufacturer rep on the net, we are not in to going in to all the how tos of all these, that would be a book and you'd never get thru the inspiration and information on finding the right niche that is your thing that excites you and fits in your background like my life until now was training for this....etc.

Basically, a company cannot afford to have a salesman on the payroll that they can send across the country to call on a prospect when they get a lead on someone that is interested in their product etc.

But......if they have a manufacturers rep geared up, well informed on their product and a good salesman they can send out and have a good chance of closing the sale, they are happy to pay him well when a sale actually goes thru.    

They are not run out of business by overhead of a large sales force all over to support when things get slow, since you only cost them when a sale is made.

They can pay you a high percentage, because there is an exact cost to the sale.

You can rep a great number of firms in a lot of fields and some may only have two or three prospects in your area a year.  

Some have a hot item and they would like you to go out and show it to a couple of hot prospects they have in your area.

It may not be an instant sale but six months later if that prospect buys you still get credit for the sale because you called on them.  Some items your commission can be $500 to $2,000 etc. for one call.   

Of course you can make many calls and earn nothing.  That is where you learn how to be a salesman and a manufacturer rep that gets the sale.

My first commission sales job was at 17 and that was where I learned selling, because no sale was no income.   

We were in a rural area where there were no jobs in the winter and you either learned  to sell on commission or you never made a dime.  Besides I was just a teen ager off the farm and who hires that.

I learned to sell and within six months I had three others trained and I made a percentage of their sales.  You can do that to.  anytime no jobs there is ALWAYS commission sale jobs with some very smart sale techniques that they have learned how to sell when things are slow.  They can teach you how to move their merchandise, some very smart people have gone before you and worked out a plan that works.. Just pay attention.  You are not their first inexperienced salesman.    

Remember, in any economy...nothing happens until somebody sells something. 

If you are a manufacturer in Iowa and you manufacturer a specialized piece of farm equipment that not every farmer is interested in but a certain percentage that farm a certain way particularly are prospects for this unique equipment.  

The equipment sells for Let's say $8,000 and there would be not enough demand for implement dealers interested enough to sell enough to warrant stocking one on their lot.  

So how is this manufacturer going to handle prospects?   Manufacturers reps if he can find one.    that’s you.....

Therefore they have to sell this some way and they cannot afford to send a factory person out to a farm prospect a thousand miles away.......  but if someone will rep their product and go to farm shows, hand out literature and find who is interested in their product,  answer and go out to see farmers that inquire and show interest etc. in promoting and keeping their product moving.  That what a manufacturers rep does.  If you succeed, they succeed.  If they succeed in your area you succeed.

No pay unless one sells therefore you are no overhead unless you get results.

If you get one customer interested he often has friends and acquaintances he can demonstrate this unique equipment to that he just bought and will refer them to you, or you to contact them as a prospect. 

It is these referrals that a good salesman gets and you often get a chain of sales from one original.  You can get big dollars
commissions with big equipment sales etc.
in a very short time.  

My observation was that in this kind of sales it is you do a lot of things you never get any pay for and then often you get pay that you did almost nothing for, so it averages out.  But you have to have faith and hang in there.

80% -20% rule  again, probably 80% will pay nothing but 20% will return most of your income.
In addition to getting referral customers from your past sales you can also handle complimentary companies with products where  you can get repeat customers representing a feed or supplement company etc.    

Let's say you are laid off  
you sign up with many firms as a rep....
and each that sells to farmers that you had the original  contact thru you  etc. you get paid a percentage of the sale whether you handle the details or not.

You set up your manufacturer rep business in some particular field you are knowledgeable in or like.   

Or Let's say we combine and talk about a broker business at the same time.  These can be separate you do one or the other or you may have some advantages of doing both in the same field.

The trick is we are attempting to teach you in these start up ideas how to work this into an automatic income for you that you can get to work on and earn money for you with the passage of time almost in direct relation to the passage of time. 

We may be using as illustration what you consider some corny farm application, but we are sure you can pull the principals out and use it upscale on any business you can imagine, the principals will be almost the same. 

What we throw out here merely general ideas that illustrate the principals I am familiar with and you likely have never heard of before or thought about, but you have to be swift enough to adopt them to something that will work in your area.

I used to live in a town of 25,000 so I would go down to the library and look in out of town large city yellow pages and compare with local yellow pages, what business listings were in the large city book, not in mine.  Those were businesses likely missing in my city that I might be able to fill and add to what else I had going to better use my employees time available etc.

So that what you do ...look at what is not being overly filled in your local area.... Consider those first. 

Let's say you are in Missouri, and there are several cat fish farms in your area where they raise cat fish by the thousands like others raise chickens. 

Now the manufactures rep....that's your new career today.....you run down all the companies that sell equipment or anything at all to cat fish farmers.  

You offer to represent them on a commission basis in your area or the world whatever. 

L:et us just say right off  you develop 8 companies as manufactures rep and agree to pay you commission on all business you dig up or handle or rep for them.  We will tell you about ten ways to get business referred and coming into you via your Missouri Catfish web site etc. elsewhere. 

You refer it on to your companies and answer questions etc for prospective clients etc.  you are their local rep.  You may even call on all of the cat fish farmers.

The companies you rep, Let's say pay you a 10% commission or whatever is normal set up and so on.

Let's say a farmer buys a $10,000 cleaning tank from one of your companies represented.  If he is one of the people you call on etc you will get $1,000 commission automatically.  If you get many of the Missouri fish farmers filling their equipment, feed etc needs thru you, and your web site and phone, it is a business that will grow and work automatically.

You can get answering service or others to take your calls, answer your email etc when you want to be away.   You will soon be able to predict how much business this cat fish manufacturer rep business generates monthly.   

Now combine, this with a brokers business where you set up as a broker of cat fish farms, this we were explaining.  

Used to operate and hold a lot of low power TV station licenses and when I decided to sell out, I talked to some of the engineering people I knew and said who do you call when you want to sell your licenses and stations.  Two of them told me of a single individual that was acting as  broker and putting buyers and sellers together.  

Called him, and sure enough it was not long he had offers that I accepted.  In less in a year I think he made about $75,000 on my sales on my station permits alone.   I am sure he had no office, just a cell phone.

He got to know most of the influential people in the business that someone selling out or buying stations would be talking to.   When someone asked about a broker they referred people to him  because they knew he was active they had all talked to him recently etc.
  Anybody who has a fish farm for sale or whatever field you are getting together buyer and seller, the  one for sale contacts
you and soon the word is out anyone wanting to buy one they recommend contacting you because they have had a call from you recently and know you are active with a bunch right now..  

We can tell you how to do that more and you can research acting as a broker but eventually you have  3 or 4 sales a year of putting people together interested in a cat fish farm...

Your part of a sale will likely be several thousand each for getting them together. 
The Timed part is that you get an average of a certain amount of cat fish farms being sold thru you per year.   You can sub contract this sales work out, to somebody into writing up broker contracts etc once you get to the paper work.
actual sale follow up to a friend someone else in the business etc. if you like but the income will be familiar and predictable year to year.  

This will not be dependent on your work other then getting it known with all the cat fish farmers. 

Two time based incomes.. inquiries on equipment you refer to the companies involved and sales you put together of cat fish farms.  The amounts of these two figures will be dependent on how you set it up as self promoting.  But once rolling will continue to do so, all by itself, you just handle orders, inquiries or even sub those out if necessary.

Now let’s say you are laid off from a heavy equipment construction job and you are very familiar with all the big equipment construction companies use.

Many construction companies have huge pieces of expensive equipment they are not using full time or right now etc and would be delighted to rent it out.  Was necessary for the last job but not the one they are on right now.

You talk to these construction companies and tell them you are setting up a data base of heavy equipment available for lease for varying periods etc.  It would be to their advantage to be in it and you will contact them when others are interested in leasing any surplus equipment they may have unused at the moment..  

You will soon find out what a reasonable fee for your services is.  

This will become some big commission figures, this stuff does not go cheap.

You can speed it up calling on heavy equipment people or catfish farmers when in the neighborhood, explain the companies you rep etc.  your web site etc. you can attend heavy equipment trade shows and conventions, catfish raising conventions, you can be the leading source of information and equipment for cat fish farmers, and people wanting to be cat fish farmers etc. ,not only in Missouri, but expand to a wide area, even take orders, broker cat fish farm sales  etc across the country.  Your heavy equipment business can be operated at the same time.

Adopt these to your background your unusual expertise, interest, acquaintances in the industry etc.
Read up on others stories and experience in the business.  
Details in those manufacturer rep stories
you see on the net, etc but just use this to understand if you will, how you build up money coming your way from "Time" working for you. Each one of these businesses should generate customers and it should increase over time, but you should do almost as well right off if you do it right as someone with a store front in business for years.  You can compete because you have NO big overhead to pay and you have MULTIPLE shots at what’s big today.  You really do not care if some of your businesses are dead today...you could not handle them all being busy on the same day.....believe me, you can build this all up in a short time with NO MONEY.


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