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Big Cause Of Failure In Newly Self Employed Is Failure as Manager Boss
You May Know How To Be Good Employee, But May Have No Experience Managing
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<<  Author Left, Now 80, has been Hiring Himself since 17, Starting More than 50 Do It Yourself Different Businesses.

Nothing Works In New Business Until You Do

Must Be Enthused And Get Right With It

Because you won’t get fired for showing up for coming to work late, you start work at noon.

This is not going to get your new business off the ground,, because for you to succeed with this arrangement with your new employer (you) you are going to have to be nose to the grind stone initially

This is like getting an airplane off the ground. It takes max power right off to work. After it’s off the ground, then you can lie back a little, but likely by then with everything clicking you will be so enthused that you will be working harder for yourself then you ever have worked for anyone else.

There is No Such Thing as a Lazy Person.

Not lazy, you are either SICK or Uninspired.

We need you to be so enthused (inspired) about the possibilities of your new business that you can hardly wait to get to work to see it take off.

If you do not see the possibilities and welcome the challenge to get right at making it work... then you are just back to swapping time for a dollar which is what you have been doing as a wage slave.

There are several categories of new business ideas and there is no reason why right now you cannot do several at the same time.

1. Service or Selling business that generates immediate income *maybe needed right now) in direct relation to swapping your personal hours for dollars.

2. Multiplier service accessory that together makes your time and service worth and generate several times as much per hour. You do not necessarily need to own it, you need to know how to use it and get it on short notice.

3. Create, buy or develop things or property that has value that in direct relationship to "time" generates money for you. Start with something that generates as little as a dollar a day for you with using none of your time. This is what you work on constantly to improve. You can only do so much with your time. Create, buy, develop systems, property, information etc that generate money for you as a factor of time.

4. Timing and Location business. You figure out how to get access to and can deliver what needed, where needed exactly when needed. Makes very valuable what is unwanted by others.

5. Marketing, then subcontracting finding and/or entirely turning over delivery of service or item to parties with surplus and lack of customers. Identifying customers business to person or parties with surplus of

You think you need an advertising budget, you do not; You think you need inventory, you do not. You think you need a service truck. You do not. A car or van or rent when needed will work just fine.

You think you need a store, or office, you do not.

You think you need money to start, you do not.

You need a cell phone number.

You need ready access to a computer.

Use the library or friends if do not have one. If have lap top, and no connection, find free wireless hot spot

Outline what needs to be done, what is top of the list for today and get these steps done and in place and working.


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Laid off brief
Personal Big Hit
Laid Off, Take Immediate Steps,-for Life Without A Paycheck,
Act Cold Turkey, This Is Not Taper Off
Pink Slip, Get Busy
No Delay, Take Actions.

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