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Okay, I will tell you the story of my most successful fifteen year or more business, my most closely guarded secret no one knew til now...

Hotels and big resorts used to be so slow here in Phoenix area in the hot summer time, some actually closed for summer, hired new people in the fall.

So I was publishing a small newspaper for singles and noticed all the people that tried to run dances for singles went busted and most clubs closed down flat for the summer......

In a nutshell here is what I did... went to about ten hotel - resorts and said I want to rent your ballroom on Friday nights....and here is what I have to offer......
When I teach buying, that statement is the biggee.

That secret of buying is: You NEVER ask what they want for something....or offer you......

You have to know the business well enough or researched well enough -- So you call the shots, here is what I offer...

Here is a deal I have for you.

I Will guarantee you, that the people I put in your ballroom for a dance on Friday nights, just nights that your ballroom was going to be DARK, (not booked) (helps to know the lingo) and I will book last minute so you have every chance of booking it elsewhere...for anything else at all at high prices.

I am interested and book ONLY the nights you can not book.

Keep your people working on nights they would all be sent home, and that would be absolutely no income for you.

Instead take in a known amount of money guaranteed.

My people will drink $500 worth of Booze or I will make up the shortage... or difference. So the bar guarantee I make is $500.

Poorest night...$500, good nights maybe couple thousand. The more the merrier for both of us. My job is to get the bodies here to drink lots of booze. I am good at that.

Later, other enterprising people saw the big crowds, me taking in thousands, with large crowds I evenutally worked up to.

I was eventually getting steady good numbers and added it up, so others saw and said, he is no genius, we can do that... and they honestly thought "we can do that.....just as good as he can."

Competitors went in and asked what you get for Friday nights for your ballroom and the hotel told them honestly $1,000.

In my case, out of ten hotels rather then not have their people working on some Friday nights 6 took my " no room pay " deal. (guarantee $500 bar drinking and not any pay.)

But they never ratted that out, they liked their standard $1,000 a night deal from anyone they could get it from so they still quoted it a grand a night.

I then scheduled between the 6 hotel - resorts and never (or seldom) went to same one two weeks running.

I almost never had a shortage and almost never paid a dime....for the room.

One year I went the whole year and never paid a dime for a room, always had enough attendance and usually took in $700 to $2,000.

My cost with a band, cashiers, bouncer, etc. was about $300. $100 advertising. Had a few nights with special occasions took in $4,000. Never once lost money on a dance. Later we quit bands and became our own disc jockey which was a transition.

By the way one else was a "buyer" and did not know how to book bands.

They would call a band up and say we have a dance Friday night.....what you want to play Friday night the third. They would say something like $400.00. They would say okay, we need you.

(Well I knew my field well enough, I knew that band had played a couple places in slow season for $250.)

When I wanted them for a night I would NOT ASK..... I called them up and say I got a gig open Friday night (knowing the lingo again helps) and am paying $200. You want it or not?

If they were open I always got them.... It beat not working...which was what they were slaighted for..... besides I was a regular prospect.

We saved not only the band expense with being our own disc jockey, we learned to control the music which you could never do with a band.

Did this for 15 years or more, and last five my son ran them. He and my daughter did not know how to buy (you can't tell your kids nothing...) and got into hotels paying money, etc. so they lost money on some dances. Where as I never did...

At my high point ran 3 dance nights a week.

Friday the big one. Another guy from Tucson came in and asked me to teach him the business.

He eventually ran about six all around the country for years... never attended any himself.... hired it all done locally.

Used my formula, found a school teacher to act as cashier, another for bouncer...women bouncers by far the best, (do not get into hostile arguments with drunks) and a person to do the music.

The guy doing them all over the country, well.... he did exact same thing..... Never invested a dime...... Never lost money starting up...

Never had a week I did not more then make a good living one night a week and I did nothing almost.

Hired everything and will, in an article or two, show how to buy.

Will teach you how to do that somewhere on one of my sites sooner or later.....

Key to most any business, that most do not have a clue.

Competitors would start a dance and went to hotels, ask the price, and signed for $1,000 a night room rent...did not know how to buy.. most lasted 3 dances.

First one always had a big crowd....what we called the curosity factor.....all went to see what was different here... They were very excited, had a great thing going here.

Next week they would be down about half and third one one fourth.....both below their break even. They then quit.

When I quit (was then living out of state) when my son wanted to do something else offered to sell it to a guy but he decided at last minute, he could do it without me.

What he never knew was how to buy... He lasted about 4 dances and Lost like $5,000, I figure..

If he had bought the business from me he would have learned the secret and he may be reading it here for first time. If he had bought it, he would still likely still be in business.

Because he would have never paid that 1k or better by then (about $1500 creep up) for a ballroom.

Well, thats some of the how to buy and you see the difference of knowing how..(there are rules) and not knowing how to buy.

Lots more but wanted you to understand principal at least and potential....

What you are doing here is make a going business, no money invested and almost no risk.

Use the "how to buy" to start a business no money. Can give you dozens of examples... none of which have to do with singles or dances.

See my other article with a sample of not an empty seat, ballroom etc. but some material item. Go Here


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