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Part 3. Developing Ongoing Flowing Income,

No Job Wanted Or Needed Ever Again

You can learn how to generate MANY sources of income flowing into your bank tank that surpasses the leaks continuing even with you never lifting a finger once rolling...

In the past you were mentally locked to the idea that you had to have a JOB or have a lot of money invested in a business, a "bought" job that could also go bad where you have leases to pay, vehicle payments, etc still going on when business slows down or never takes off.

You need to change your thinking, you do not need a JOB nor do you need to risk it all in an investment starting a business putting money into equipment, leases or property or employees, or money to carry you while a business gets established over one or two years.

Today, you can start a business (many many types) where you do what used to take tens of thousands of dollars.

No equipment needed,

No employees,

No start up money, (we will define under $100 as no start up money.)

No Money needed stacked up to carry you for two years.

No risk, quit anytime. Be out nothing.

No waiting to get in the black...

You start with almost NO overhead so you start in the black, you do not wait a year or to get your new business in the black... You need the income NOW, therefore we start in the black, or profit column.

You can decide which income sources or businesses are feasible by limitations.

How fast you need income.....

How much you can throw in. Zero or $100 of more.

How much effort on your part initially to get rolling, how much growth on automatic and how much you need to force feed. How much will it require your effort to get rolling?

How much time and effort to get income stream rolling, how much can you devote initially?

Letís take. You could write a book, a long effort and then maybe generates income for you for the rest of your life, but it may require sales promotion effort continuously or you may put it on the net and it sells the rest of your life, no effort.

That was an example. During the big depression, you could get work and an income building system with major life insurance companies as a salesman.

They had almost no limit how many they could use, and many offered a drawing account (income till you built up sales) and your commission was charged back against what advance you had drawn.

This probably all is still true today but here is how it worked then. If you sold a life insurance policy, you as agent got the first years premiums they paid. 100%. The insurance company took the risk of their dying that first year just to get a customer, and netted no income. The second year you as the original seller still got half the premium paid as I recall for the rest of your life as long as they continued to make the premium payments on their life insurance policy.

I tell this story to get you to understand there is sometimes with some businesses a large effort by you to get it going but then the money flows on by itself almost, with time working for you.

In this insurance salesman example, letís say he sold one policy a week (back when $15.00) and the average premium they paid for a half million of insurance etc was $15.00. At selling one policy a week in one year he had $782 a month passive time based income. The next year he had a carryover of $390.00 plus a new $782 on going, the second year he was into over a thousand a month, even with some dropping their policy. Remember, this was only on him selling one policy a week.

In addition to selling new policies he kept in touch with and a relationship with his policy holders to encourage them to keep their policies in force, and try to up the size of the policies, members of the family covered etc.

Many millionaires got their start as a life insurance salesman during the great depression.

Not sure, but check with any life insurance company and see if this still works today.

Tell this story so you understand you can generate these CLIENTS etc to build an income stream in many ways other than insurance, but the time connected continuous income flowing your direction principal is the same concept.

Get any income started coming your way. Say even $10 a month, automatically without you having to make a repeated effort for it to generate. That would be a start. Now we may have you starting to get the idea.

The publishing business we have on the internet has a big monthly income but we plow it back into employees improving and expanding it. We could lie all of them off and our income would continue with almost NO overhead.

We show you how to use the internet in any business you start, getting clients for you free, even a simple window washing business for example. Plus many other automated customer generators.

You then subcontract out the work and you work on building customers and starting other revenue streams.


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