Working For Yourself Is Scary At First


Know What Works, You Are As Good As The Others, It Will Work For You Too.

Find A Need And Fill It...Valuable.

They Do Not Hire You, You Hire you, Contract, Results = Oriented.


Every Business Needs Help Getting More Customers and Moving Something On Out.

You Will Do It For Them For A %.

Nothing Accomplished No Pay Big Results, Big Pay!

You Get Used To The Idea You Do A Lot You Don't Get Paid For, Eventually You Get Paid For A Lot You Don't Do.

Total = Self Employed Prosperity
Understand This, Start With Little or No Overhead.


We Give You Ideas, You Adopt
To Current Opportunities

Wonderfully Easy Now To Get Going

Hired My Self

If you need fast money, you do different things then if you have a month or two to get income up to pay living expenses. So We will relate both.

Many of the things I suggest, will not be your thing. But, some will ring a bell and you will be enthused that this has big possibilities for me. " I can do that".

The big thing you can do now is several of these things going at once. Work at them every day.....and you will find some things you thought were hardly worth the trouble really take off and other things you were sure would be a runaway, goes nowhere.

Lets talk some examples and ideas, that you can start a business with little or no money, with no skill, and within six months become well enough known that people from a long distance hear about you and contact or are referred to you.

Lets say that no matter how tough things are two things are certain, death and taxes.

This is a relatively easy sell field since in some parts of this you will find little competition, but people are dying every day that have put together a lot of something, having to do with their work, or collections, or something unique their survivors have no interest in what so ever.

No lets say he was a farmer, and he liked to restore old tractors, and he has 3 or 4 restored like antique cars. Now he dies and his kids inherit these tractors along with everything else and they have no idea what to do with these old tractors... they just want em out of here, they are selling the farm and anxious to get the cash.

This is just an example, maybe they stashed away old parts for something, or they had some what now seems like totally worthless, the inheritors have no interest in it, just more stuff to get rid of, just give it away or throw it in the dump, don't know why they collected all this anyway.

Now you say, you don't have any cash to buy these accumulated life's treasures. No problem. Like the tractors, you use something called an option.

You say I am in the business of disposing of collections, and I believe I have some buyers that might be interested in the xyz you inherited, but I need thirty days to see what interest I can get and dispose of these for you.

You say "I need a price range here that I can work with,"

so I will try and get $1,000 for them and need a signed option so if I go to all the work of finding interested parties we have an agreed on price and you wont sell them in the meantime. 30 day option or whatever you need. Give them $1.00 for the option, makes it legal.

Now you get to work, and find a collector that collects these and we will tell you how to find out (which you should have done in advance) what you may be able to get for these. Lets say you have determined that these would go for $5,000 if you could find an interested collector.

To make a long story short, you find a collector interested, and you work out a price and how they will pick them up etc.

You take the money, give $1,000 to the owners and make arrangement for the buyer to pick them up. Now notice, you did not put out any money, you took no risk of being stuck with them, storage bills etc. NOTHING.

Now you will need to learn some skills,

  • 1. How to find people who died and left odd ball stuff and collections etc the heirs want to get rid of. We can wright a book on this and am sure others all ready have.

  • 2. There are scads of retirees going to estate auctions to buy collections etc. but if you get there first as a "collections buyer' (before they do an estate auction, etc. so you have to Learn Timing. What is the correct peak and best time to contact heirs after some one has died. Represent yourself as an Estate Collection buyer.

  • 3. Learn what may be valuable.....learned skill....that others are unaware of. Old book collections, a life time of books read and never disposed of. Old service manuals, old magazine collections, old toys they had as a kid etc. Much of this is valuable but almost no one knows it is, (except your competitors plying auctions that know what is) You can hit it right before an auction etc. you go over every opportunity. You may write down all suspected valuable things they may have, ask to check in to some of this and will get back to them.

Example. Know of a guy who knew and old guy died that before retirement had spent his life repairing electronic equipment of his day. He had retained all the service manuals and schematics he had ever used.

This guy bought them all from the heirs who were throwing them out for trash.

Gave them only a token amount. He sold them one by one, mostly on ebay and received as much as 40 dollars for some of the repair manuals on antique now, equipment, that existed nowhere else.

My guess in the two years it took to sell them all, would be he took in over $10,000 from them.

When I sold out my video stores, (we developed a unique way to close out merchandise, that was almost effortless and generated my guess five times what others got out of closing out the usual way. We closed over the years six stores, so we became experts.

First thing we did on the last store was out of 100,000 movies we pulled 5,000 we were able to determine were valuable.

Sell a VHS movie now you are lucky to get a buck. We are still selling the 5,000 five years later, and we get up to $85.00 for VHS would you believe.

Reason, many collectors, industry people etc are looking for ideas from a certain director, actor etc and they hear about a certain title, can not find it and we have the only copy in existence.

So if you wanted to make money in old movies you have to learn how to determine what's valuable and what's essentially worthless. One of the ways to do this, is to look on E Bay. Learn how to look up what something last sold for. If you are at an auction and you think something may be valuable, get on the cell phone to someone in the know and have them look up on E Bay what this item last sold for.

If it sold for a hundred and you can buy it for ten, buy it. Chances are yours will sell for as much or more, if in good shape.

You will need to learn how to market stuff not only in ebay auctions but in their store.

For example, I have some equipment laying around from when I used to build and run low power TV stations.

If I put that on Ebay auction I would ONLY hit those interested in that item this week. Very unlikely more then one and you have no bid up unless you have more then one interested.

Put the same item in a store listing, anyone searching for it...on the web can find it. This may take you two years to sell it, but usually get your price.

You have a set price and you can mark it negotiable. Now if you are asking $1.000 and he offers you $500, you say okay, we will go your price, but we will put it on auction and you start the bid at $500.

If there are no other bids, its yours. If it goes higher, you will have to meet the price to get it. Or do you want to pay $700 for it right now and I will ship it to you.

Would like to write a book on how to sell on Craig's list for free and E bay and Amazon, but others already have, probably better. Just do not expect me to give you all the tricks of the trade in one article here.

If nothing else, I hope to get across to you that you can do almost all of this with no money, no risk etc.

By the way, should mention, I know a guy who makes a good living and has became an expert in old toy trains.

He runs ads all over that he buys old train sets. He knows exactly what every model, every year, every manufacturer is worth.

He has developed a list of collectors who buy old train sets.

I suppose when one of these collectors dies he will buy their collection ( for peanuts because their heirs will want nothing to do with train collections.)

Also this article, hope you pick up on how to make money with $1.00 options.

Should give you example of guy I knew who made a good living with $1.00 options.

You can pay more then that but usually not necessary.

Here is what I watched him do (he was my answering service customer and we answered his phone.)

He went out along the really nice creek near town and found out who owned the property.

He offered the guy a big price with a 90 day option "$1 for the option". Saying I will sell it for you for that price but I need a 90 day option to do so.

He then broke the creek property in to ten home size lots. (on paper) and sold them with condition deal goes through only when he had sold them all. He needed no real estate sales license, since technically he owned the property. (option).

He sold them for three times what he paid for them. Used those contracts to pay the owner etc.

Never owned the lots, never took any risk, other then promotional costs if it had not worked.

Next thing he did was got a 90 day option on a good piece of multi family residential area land on the edge of town. Had borrowed pre-made plans for two apartment homes and advertised for investors. Divided between five investors. four of these paid the costs and the lot. one fifth ownership in the two apartment houses was his for putting it together.

He did all of that basically with a $1. option. Every time I drive by those apartment houses today, I think of that.

I am sure he is still getting a good monthly income (25 years later) from his apartment house $1 venture.

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